Historic place in the Community

The building that this project is centred on is the Old School building of St Just In Roseland, to which some residents remember attending. Here we provide a couple of photos of the Old School and the children who attended. We hope that we can retain this building in the heart of the community for … Continue reading Historic place in the Community

The RAC Association’s Aims

Specific objectives? Outdoor education: to maintain the Centre as a focus for outdoor activities, in particular those associated with the water and countryside surrounding St Just. Ensuring access for local children of all ages, and local schools. However, we would wish to expand the Centre‚Äôs geographical catchment area, and will target schools and academies (including … Continue reading The RAC Association’s Aims

The RAC Association’s Progress

Progress What has the association been doing currently to achieve the objectives? Our energies have been taken up with: Establishing ourselves as a formal association Exploring sources of grants for the purchase of the building and re-opening the Centre. We are looking at grants from local government, maritime and other charities. Considering developing a business … Continue reading The RAC Association’s Progress